About Us

At Blake Vets, we have a team of dedicated doctors and nurses to ensure your pet receives the services necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Our services in Northport are extensive, covering all areas of your pet's life from nose to tail.

Pet Wellness

Your pet's good health begins with a pet wellness exam, and at Blake Vets, we encourage pet parents to schedule an initial checkup with our vet followed by regular examinations. When you bring your pet in for an exam, we check from nose to tail to determine the state of your pet's health. During the examination, we observe your pet's behavior, check its weight, determine if a change is necessary to maintain a proper diet, and assess if your pet requires flea or tick prevention.

Our vet will also have the opportunity to look for any potential health issues. Once your pet is examined, if there are any changes needed to your pet's lifestyle or diet or if a treatment plan for a health issue needs to be created, our vet will discuss this with you.

Pet Boarding

Whenever you need to be away from home, whether for the day or if you are going on vacation, your pet deserves a nice, safe place to stay. At our Canine Inn, your pet is treated to luxury accommodations, pampering, and fun activities. Our pet boarding services offer a variety of amenities all designed with your pet's comfort in mind. While at our inn, your pet has access to:

•           Baths

•           Blue Buffalo pet food served twice daily

•           Ear cleaning

•           Indoor and outdoor luxury suites

•           Nail trimming

•           Nature walks

•           Play times

•           Veterinarians available when needed

Our Veterinary Care Services

At our state-of-the-art facility, we offer services for your furry friends, which include cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, and exotic pets. We provide preventative care services, diagnostics, dental care, dermatology treatments, surgical treatments, and treatment for ear and eye infections. We also treat chronic conditions and diseases.

For our clients' convenience and to eliminate any stress or anxiety your pet may experience, our mobile veterinary team makes house calls. With our mobile nurses coming to you, your pet can be treated in the familiar surroundings of home.

Contact Our Animal Clinic in Northport, ME

When looking for a veterinarian near you is a priority, consider Blake Vets in Northport for professional and compassionate care. With every visit, you can rest assured your pet's health and well-being are the goal. Contact us by phone or by submitting our online form to schedule an appointment Monday through Saturday.

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